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Volume 25
Issue 1 — October 2015
October front page top: Ben Simon, CEO of Imperfect, interview by William Walde and bottom story on pesticide ban for homes in Montgomery County by Celia Parr. Teasers for visit to South Africa by Zawadi Carroll and Halloween photo spread by Grayson Butler
Issue 2 — November 2015
YDC checks out Artorama 2015 in Hyattsville, Md. by Riley Isakower
Issue 3 — March 2016
YDC checks out StudentCam winners, local app developer, the Renwick, movies, basketball, civic engagement and more
Issue 4 — April 2016
YDC learns more about Zika research, D.C. streetcars and Max Landis. YDC checks out <em>Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice</em>


Volume 24

Issue 6 — May 2015
Gigi Levin on Purdue Institute citizenship findings, Che Demczuk on CJR analysis of Rolling Stone rape story, Sukrana Uddin on Anne Telnaes and Signe Wilkinson at LOC re cartoon censorship, Kellyn Henry on Sweet Briar College closing, Che on National Museum of  African American History, Sukrana also covers 2014 LTAB, Pleasant Pops Farmhouse Market, and anticipation of SCOTUS marriage equality ruling, Jack Kaltenheuser on self-driving cars; Carrie Ajamian reviews latest book from Scout Tufankjian
Issue 5 — April 2015
David Anderson reviews Martin Luther King and the Montgomery Story comic; Che Demczuk, Gigi Levin, Jack Kaltenheuser review book for Holocaust Remembrance Month
Issue 4 — March 2015
David Anderson reviews Martin Luther King and the Montgomery Story comic; Che Demczuk covers voter registration and early voting for upcoming special elections in DC plus stories inside by Zawadi Carroll, Gigi Levin, Jack Kaltenheuser and more stories from David and Che
Issue 3 — February 2015
YDC Talks to Dave Zirin about John Carlos by Che Demczuk; Measles spread across country from California by Jack Kaltenheuser
Issue 2 — December 2014
Ayanna Costley, a senior at the Madeira School in McLean, Va., checks out National Action Network Justice for All march in D.C. Gigi Levin, a freshman at the Parkmont School in D.C., picks best and worst news of 2014.
Issue 1 — November 2014
Ayanna Costley, a senior at the Madeira School in McLean, Va., reports on the Fusion Rise Up Conference in D.C. Che Demczuk, a junior at the Lab School of Washington, expresses appreciation of Mayor Marion Barry
Volume 23
Issue 3 — Summer 2014
Summer front page with ShowOff ambassador Thalya Contreras interview by Bezawit Tefera and teasers for summer reading ideas and Louder Than a Bomb teen poets
Issue 2 — May 2014
Field School Students Visit Angel Island and by Bezawit Tefera and teasers for review of Woman Rebel bio of Margaret Sanger and interview of teen app developer Brian Fisher by Zame Johnson
Issue 1 — December 2013
Research on Agreement among Older and Young er Generations by Zame Johnson and Plan B Failure Among Women over 165 lbs by Chloe Ashford plus teasers for reviews of graphic novels and review of Mandela biopic
Volume 22
Issue 5 — Summer 2013
YDC reporter Dominique Obregon talks to artist Rose Jaffe; annual reader's survey; YDC reporter Jenae Addison reviews best-seller Overdressed
Issue 4 — April 2013
April front page with Glen's Garden Market review by Damali Hall and Peter Berg with food photos
Issue 3 — February 2013
February front page with Jeffrey Liu interview by Emily Yang and dragon dance photo
Issue 2 — December 2012
Chidiki Jones Whitley resurrects Glum to have a word with the Mayans
Issue 1 — Fall 2012
Fall front page with Laurie Rubin interview by Kyla Whitmore and corn ethanol story by Samantha Joseph
Volume 21
Issue 8 — Summer 2012
May front page stories sun screens by Samantha Joseph and Penn State fallout by Christina Lee
Issue 7 — May 2012
May front page story on college financial aid by Cassidy Riley
Issue 6 — March 2012
March front page with Ben Simon story by Kelly Fisher and Chidiki Jones Whitley and photo by Justin Hall South Capitol Street Memorial Act story by Cuyler Deegan
Issue 5 — Winter 2012
Issue 4 — December 2011
Issue 3 — November 2011
Issue 2 — October 2011
YDC talks to teens who work at Halloween attractions
Issue 1 — September 2011
Volume 20
Issue 4 — Summer 2011
Issue 3 — April 2011
Issue 2 — Winter 2011
Talking to MaBinti Yillah about Media House, watching Congress react to Gabby Giffords shooting, checking out It Gets Better
Issue 1 — December 2010
Volume 19
Issue 7 — Summer 2010
Issue 6 — April 2010
Issue 5 — March 2010
Issue 4 — February 2010
Issue 3 — December 2009
Issue 2 — November 2009
Issue 1 — September 2009
Volume 18
Issue 9 — Summer 2009
Issue 8 — May 2009
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Issue 6 — March 2009
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Issue 4 — December 2008
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