Nats improve record with Phillies; still no sweep

The Washington Nationals win in division play against the Phllies, but have yet to sweep them. The Nats have played two series–six games–against Philadelphia this season and won four.

May 21 the Washington Nationals played the Philadelphia Phillies in the first of a three-games series on the Phillies home turf. Top of the second with the Nats up to bat, Ian Desmond hit a line drive over center field for the first run. Then in the top of the third, Jesus Flores tried to steal home off a wild pitch. Sadly he was tagged out; still a 1-0 game. Top of the fourth inning, Desmond hit an RBI single batting in Bryce Harper: 2-0. Bottom of the sixth, the Phillies got close to scoring but the Nats pull off a double play. Bottom of the ninth, the Phillies scored a run, but relief pitcher Sean Burnett shut them down ending the game with the Washington Nationals winning 2 to 1. The Nats had fantastic pitching by Gio Gonzales who struck out seven of the first nine Phillies he faced. The Nats showed some good defense work.

May 22, the Nats were dominating 4-1 at the top of the third. Then center fielder Rick Ankiel hit a homer in the fourth. It was a rare victory over Phillies pitcher Roy Halladay who had been beating our franchise since the Nats were the Expos based in Montreal.

Wednesday, May 23, there was no fallout from the May 6 hardball between Phillies pitcher Cole Hamels and Nats rookie Bryce Harper. In that first Phillies-Nats series of the season, Hamels put Harper on base by hitting him with a pitch and Harper stole home. At their May 26 meeting, Harper had three at bats. He hit a single in the sixth after Danny Espinosa had ended Hamels’ hitless innings. Harper also had a clear—but too short—shot to the outfield off Hamels. Ultimately the Phillies won, 4-1.

The Washington Nationals are looking great this year but haven’t managed to sweep most teams yet. With their injury list growing the future for the Nationals is both blurry and bright. But at least for May 21 and 22, we can put a big curly W in the scorebooks. Washington Nationals’ fans and enthusiasts should keep the Nat-itude ignited because we have yet to sweep the rival Phillies. As long as we keep wining I’m not complaining but a sweep would be nice.

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